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Feast and Furious Cafe Mural

Artsy Daphy started furiously as we completed our first mural of 2016! The Feast and Furious Cafe Mural on Abell Road, Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia got itself a feature on Borneo Post! 😀

Artists create iconic murals in city centre

feast and furious mural 02

Up-close shot of the left side of the mural. The pup in my bicycle is Repsol! She’s the sweet little pup that our Client rescued on one of his rides. Janani’s on the Vespa, and Alex’s on the Ducati. The guy above Alex is Eddy Merckx, a professional cyclist and on his left, Valentino Rossi.

feast and furious mural 04

On the right, the Norton!

feast and furious mural 03

And Michael Schumacher on the corner of the building, cheering on all drivers 🙂

feast and furious mural 05

The whole thing took about 14 days to complete with one week on my yellow magic carpet!

feast and furious mural 07

Me and my assistant on the first week!

feast and furious mural 06

And my second assistant for the second week!

feast and furious mural 08

We also had a go on the cherry picker on the final touch-up day 😀 Yes, I can now operate both machines!


feast and furious mural 10

During our two weeks there, we met tons of curious and interesting people too. This very friendly couple came up and asked, “You, drew this? That is er.. Rossi?”. When I replied, “Yes, you recognize him?”, they said proudly, “Yes yes! We’re from Italy!” and pointed at Rossi and the Ducati. 😀

feast and furious mural 11

And this guy was touring Malaysia with his little sister. This is probably the fifth picture he made his sister take. They were so cute and made me want to travel with my sibling too!

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Hello all, pardon my disappearance, I have been out of town, in Kuala Lumpur, to be exact. I haven’t been getting enough time and space to do any drawing. Lack of time is because I’m here for work. As for space, I don’t have a proper table and chair at the hotel. Well, there is a chair and a table but barely enough space, it’s so uncomfy! Can’t do anything there. Oh how I miss drawing and creating stuff. Worse part is, I had a fever of 38.9 degrees Celsius last Thursday that I spent the entire weekend in my hotel room feeling sad, disappointed, and drowsy because of medication. *CRIES*
But I’m all better now, and happy artsy Daphy is coming back soon! Evidence is this very quick and rough sketch of Daphne in KL that I did lying on my bed (my back is now sore). Slowly building up my shopping mood too! Can’t believe Daphne hasn’t bought anything at all after more than a week here! Not happening! Shopping my last two days left in this city whenever I have the time, now that I feel better! 
I miss Kuching, my little home town. I really hope to see the beach this weekend. I need a break!