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15/10 You’re Beautiful

There is beauty in everyone and everything in this world. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone has an interesting story of their own. It’s just a matter of who the appreciator is, and how long he/she stays to learn, and to understand, to see the true beauty within. 
I’ve always believed there’s someone for everyone, and not everyone is attracted to the same things. Everyone’s got the right to choose what they like to do, how they want to live their life, whom they should love. Hence, never doubt your beauty or loose faith in yourself or the path you choose. You’re here for a purpose be it big or small, everyone’s role is important for this world to be balanced and beautiful. And someone appreciates you for it, you just might not realise it.
Drawing with ball point pen on a6 paper. It’s been a while. I love the simplicity of black and white, and shading the details in gradually. I enjoyed this piece a lot, I enjoyed the message it carries even more. 
Happy labour day and long weekend loves!

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