Pandelela Rinong on Feast and Furious Cafe Mural

Yesterday, the latest addition onto Feast and Furious Cafe’s “wall of fame” was up! She was none other than Pandalela Rinong, our Sarawakian Olympic medalist! Our brains were fried by the heat but that totally kept our adrenaline going! By the end of the day, it was completed! 🙂 Notice the little Pikachu on the […]

Kuching Main Bazaar Mural in Hotel

Hello! Here’s something from home. Main Bazaar is the oldest street at the heart of old Kuching City. This wall painting is done in a sketch style on a wall approximately 10 meters long in The Waterfront Hotel’s Executive Lounge, Kuching. The environment in the video is a little messy as the place was still under […]

Chic Woman Watercolour Portrait

One day, when nothing seems to go your way, and you get annoyed at everyone and everything, and you loose your cool, and you show aggression and frustration that you didn’t mean to, and you wonder why you’re weak – unable to control your emotions, and wonder how you got into that situation in the first […]

Kuehpedia Sarawak Warrior Mural

Aloha! Check out my latest video of the Kuehpedia Sarawak Warrior Mural above! It’s painted with white and grey paint in the line art and stippling style. Hope you enjoy it! Kuehpedia is this new chic cafe in Kuching, Sarawak selling local food from traditional layer cakes to nasi lemak. It’s located on 7th Wayang […]

Eden Recycle Plastic Bottle Installation Waterfront Hotel

Eden Ever wondered about how many plastic bottles you use and throw away everyday? Neither did we; till the idea for this installation came about. It sure was a lot. Hence we ‘adopted’ a few of them and gave them a new home here. ‘Eden’ is a piece that just sprang out of the […]