Japanese Woman Restaurant Mural at Ginza, Saradise

Japanese woman restaurant mural at Ginza Restaurant Saradise, Kuching by Artsy Daphy

Featuring a Japanese Woman Restaurant Mural at Ginza Japanese Restaurant, Saradise. Theme      : Simple, modern and minimal Method     : Wall Paint on Wall Client        : Ginza Japanese Restaurant Purpose    : Decorate VIP room walls Date          : 2019 Above is the Conceptual Sketch of the initial mural […]

Chinese Costume Watercolour Portrait

Watercolour portrait of a woman in a Chinese costume. Theme      : Portrait Painting Method     : Watercolour on A6 Paper Date          : 2019 Here is a painting of my beautiful friend, Afilla, wearing a traditional Chinese costume. It was a challenging yet enjoyable portrait to paint as there were a lot […]