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Hi everyone! I’m Daphne, welcome to Artsy Daphy! This website is not just a place where I share all my artwork over the years, it is also a place where I hope that you could find inspiration for your next big creative idea!

If you’re passionate about doing something creative, different and/or interesting with your business, brand, event, space, or anything at all, I’ll be glad to brainstorm with you! Just leave me an email on [email protected]

For straight forward commissions, I’ve been practicing and still accept jobs for the following types of art work:
On Paper – Pen, Pencil, Color Pencil, Paint, Markers
On Canvas – Acrylic Paint, Mix Media
On Walls – Paint(s), Chalk, Installations, Mix Media
Digital – Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

The type of drawings I specialise in are human and animal portraits, cartoons and caricatures. I enjoy both realistic and fantasy styles.

A little bit about Daphy

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with my major in Marketing and minor in Economics. I’ve been drawing since I was in diapers, hence, art is a lifelong journey for me. My designs are influenced by the fundaments of marketing as well as years of working with architects & interior designers. Hence, when designing, I aim to understand the wants and needs of clients and their target market as well as how to make a design or art piece compliment it’s environment. I usually gravitate towards Cute, Clean and/or Classy designs, but I’m always up to try new things. My ultimate life goal is to make a living out of doing what I love that’ll also enhance people’s lives. You may read more about my life in my blog:

Thank you so much for dropping by this site! Please follow my social media links on the left to keep up to date with all that’s going on with Artsy Daphy! Let’s make the world a prettier place!

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feast and furious mural 02

I’m on the left! Read about this mural HERE

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