Sarawak mural wall artist artsy daphy with a sketch style drawing of building at hotel lobby

About Sarawak Artist Artsy Daphy Services

Starting out as a wall artist in 2015, Daphne from Kuching, Sarawak started Artsy Daphy after her art blog’s name, offering a wide variety of creative services from Traditional Painting to Digital Design. 

With a special interest in Interior Design and years of working with Architects & Interior Designers, the skills she picked up has helped Artsy Daphy offer artwork that not only fits the design of each environment, but also practical-use and interaction of each space.

From designing and painting more than 80+ walls over the years, we have experience working with individuals and brands all over Malaysia and Singapore including Nas Daily, Tune Hotels, Sarawak Energy and more. 

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We capture your spaces in a 360 degree virtual tour where your potential customers are able to experience your brand and show houses from the comfort of their homes. We also provide property video tour videos, digital content marketing, and more. 

Perfect for Property Developers, Real Estate Agents, Architects, Interior Designers, and anyone with a showroom to show off! 


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also see our sister project deriving from our passion for travel and interior design: Stays & Spaces.

We have painted in Homes, Hotels, Offices, Restaurants, and even on large vehicles.

When Artsy Daphy designs murals, we ensure that the wall is not just filled with any artwork, we make sure that the art is designed to compliment it’s environment’s design, practical use and human interaction. Here is a link to an example of how we design & paint: How to Design & Paint Calvin & Hobbes Mural for Kid’s Room. If you’re interested, below shows the process of getting your mural art:

Sarawak Wall Artist Custom Wall Art Creation Process

We will ask for multiple images of the subjects to ensure that we get the essence of the subjects’ personality. We will make sure that they “look” like them, “feel” like them, and most importantly, look their best.

We paint on canvas, draw on paper, illustrate digitally, and even prepare art for video filming purposes. Whether it be a memory to preserve, a meaningful project/gift for a VIP or greetings to your business partners, let us eternalise the visuals for you.

For Social Media Marketing & Advertising: Set Design, Photography & Videography

For Branding: Logo design, packaging, etc

Build a strong identity for your business with an integrated design across all your visuals from logos, marketing materials to store fronts with campaign designs. We also create and curate pictures, videos and write-ups to keep your customers and audiences engaged to achieve your digital media marketing goals.

We are ever growing and would love to hear more on how we can collaborate or help you with your marketing campaigns or artistic aspirations.

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I mean, this video has 25K views on YouTube!

A Litte History on Artsy Daphy

Artsy Daphy .com started out as a blog where Sarawak Artist Daphne Siaw shared her personal artwork which eventually brought her various commissioned projects from Portraits & Digital Art to Wall Murals, Installations and more.

Armed with a keen interest and frequent practice in various forms of traditional and digital creative media, a Degree in Marketing from Swinburne Sarawak, and a bunch of design experience gained from several years of working with Architects and Interior Designers, Daphne set out to start as a solo artist which eventually turned into an ambitious artsy business with the name of the original blog – Artsy Daphy.

She now partners with creatives over multiple fields and aims to bring a full creative design solution to businesses, as well as meaningful pieces to individuals.


Here’s a little screenshot from Feast & Furious Cafe Mural in 2016 to remember the early days of Artsy Daphy. It was an adventure to make it this far and couldn’t have been better without everyone’s support and shares. Thank you, we hope to create something beautiful for as many people as we can in our lifetime. *heart*

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