Nas Daily Singapore Office Build Something Mural

Theme      : Meaningful, Simple Method     : Wall Paint on Wall Client        : Nas Daily Pte Ltd Purpose    : Showing diversity and action Date          : 2019 We had the most insane opportunity to paint in the office of the one and only NAS DAILY! Best known for […]

The Hills Mall Leaves Mural Art 2

Theme      : Leaves Method     : Wall Paint on Wall Client        : The Hills Shopping Mall Purpose    : Backdrop for cafe wall Date          : 2018 We designed and painted a mural art consisting of tropical leaves on two walls of the newly renovated Hills Shopping Mall Food […]

Tuan Yang Terutama (TYT) Sarawak Portrait

Theme       : Black and White Portrait Method     : Pencil on Paper Client        : Sarawak Media Group Purpose    : Gift Date          : 2019 Image taken from Unit Komunikasi Awam Sarawak-UKAS We had the honour of drawing the gift, and being in the video presentation for […]

Elegant Showroom Mural Paintings at Setia Alam

Theme       : Classic & Elegant Method     : Wall Paint on Interior wall Client        : Amorphous Design Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Purpose    : Setia Alam Showroom Feature Walls Date          : August 2019 This classic mural piece is painted in the guest bedroom. Don’t you want […]

Couple Portrait Painting Acrylic on Canvas Gift

Theme       : Classic Painting Style Method     : Acrylic Paint on Canvas Client        : Private Purpose    : Gift Date          : 2019 Above shows a highly detailed acrylic painting on canvas – especially the intricacy of the Baju Kurung’s patterns. We enjoyed bringing this elegant piece […]

Feast and Furious Cafe Motorsport Legends Mural Painting

Theme       : Black and White Line Art Method     : Wall Paint on Exterior Wall Client        : Feast and Furious Cafe, Kuching Purpose    : Showcase Motorsports Themed Cafe on the Exterior Date          : January 2016 Bicycle and motorbikes make for a photo posing opportunity at […]

Old Wedding Photo Preserved in a Pencil Portrait Drawing

Theme    : Black and White Portrait Method   : Pencil on A2 sized Paper Client      : Private Purpose  : Gift Date        : 2014   This portrait is a faded old wedding photo taken back in the days when there were no coloured photography yet. The fading photo is preserved in […]

Oriental Tea Kuching Mural 茶颜观色壁画

Theme       : Colourful 3D Animation Style Method     : Wall Paint on Interior wall Client        : Oriental Tea Kuching Purpose    : Feature wall for Chinese Tea Cafe Date          : 2019 This feature wall painting shows serene romantic blues that originated from the Cafe’s branding poster. […]

Abang Johari Colour pencil Portrait

Theme       : Coloured Portrait Method     : Colour Pencil on Paper Client        : Sarawak’s Housing and Real Estate Developers’ Association Purpose    : Gift Date          : 2019 Here is a very detailed portrait of our 6th Chief Minister of Sarawak, Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Abdul Rahman […]

Colour Pencil Family Portrait

A family portrait of C’s Family done with Colour Pencil on A2 paper. The idea of this picture came from a low resolution image taken with a mobile phone back in 2016. Sometimes we get such requests to enhance poor quality images such as this piece we did on a canvas for a friend’s wedding: […]