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Last year I designed the Borneo Savages T-Shirt for The Gym Box, Kuching. It was great fun to design this metalic Borneo Tribal Mask that was based on the Sarawak’s Tree of Life pattern.

I’m also extremely proud that my Mixed Martial Art trainers from Canada, Lenny the Show Stealer, and Jeremy DiChiara wore the shirt at their fights and had some amazing wins. I miss training with them, hope to see one of their fights one day!
Here’s me in my shirt 😀

“All I wanted was to go to the ball…”
This piece is made from wilted lilies that the boyfie gave me for my birthday. They still smell good!
This can also sort of describe the mood I am in now! I came down with sinus and occasional bad migraines this week so I’m under “house-arrest”. It’s supposed to be an eventful August for me, diving on the first weekend, Rainforest World Music Festival this weekend and 10km Kuching Marathon next weekend! Might skip Rainforest because of my stupid head. Hope I recover in time for the run!

This one is done by my dear colleague, Janani and I. Well, I pasted the white flowers together, that’s all. haha. LOVE the flowers they bought this time! White chrysanthemums are so pretty and the roses are huge!
So I was inspired one early morning while brushing my teeth, to do a 12-canvas acrylic painting that sends a message that, to achieve anything at all, it takes effort and courage to just take the first step! After that, it’s all about faith and perseverance.

I’ve always wanted to film my art projects, but never got to do it. So this time when I actually did it, it took hours just to edit this 15 second trailer (15 seconds so it fits in instagram. @daphysal). Such a beginner. Those hours are not inclusive of the hours spent preparing the canvases and actually painting on them. Since I filmed everything myself, I had to constantly look back at the camera to check that I got all the footage I wanted. Often, the camera would stop recording and some processes didn’t get filmed.

Anyway, despite all the challenges (mainly because I’m a beginner at this video stuff), I’m really excited about this and praying that both the painting and the video will be good and entertaining! Estimating this to take about a month, as I will be out of town for a week. Super excited! Stay tuned!!

Admit it: there is just something awesome about not working when everyone else is!
Holidays are just more fun when it is specially there for you. Or maybe it’s just because you planned that particular occasion for yourself and it’s not just there just because… 
I don’t know, but Malaysia has a ton of long weekends this year, and I still feel dead exhausted. Long weekends and Public Holidays are just more time for hustling to make a bit more dough. (In case any of you haven’t realised by now, our Ringgit is tiny and our salaries can barely afford us a house / car / stuff that grown-ups intend to own.)

Anyways, have a couple of big personal projects coming up! Pumping in what little resources I have left to make them happen! Excited! Hope this short break I’m taking next week will help rejuvenate me and keep me hyped and inspired! Stay tuned!

Picture: Sun, Sand, Sea Holiday!
Tool: Adobe Illustrator
Style: Cubism?!??

Here’s some eye candy for ya’ll. Referred to a random hot guy on instagram. Thought it’ll be nice for the summer and motivate some of you to get that beach body! Done with color pencils on an A4 paper. 

And this is a not so hot self portrait of how I’ve been feeling for the past week. It’s been extremely hot in Borneo, plus I’m PMSing, resulting in a tired, ugly-feeling, super uninspired and not-so artsy Daphy. Painted with Sketchbook Galaxy on my Samsung Note3 smartphone.
Let’s hope things will get better next month as my birthday is coming soon! 😀
Hope you are all doing better than I!
Mural of the Three Little Kids and an Autumn Tree
Over the Gawai holidays, I was given an opportunity to paint this really fun piece!
The Client intended to have a mural of their children playing on a wall in their garden. 
Before: The wall and I

Took this picture to estimate the size of the little humans later.
Wall size: 2.6m x 6.5m
Paint: Murobond Murowash
After several discussions and a couple of sketches, we finalized with this sketch:
Sketched Proposal done with Photoshop

Finished piece: Mural of the Three Little Kids and an Autumn Tree
Of course, the painting came out completely different from the sketch, but I was super pleased with it. Somehow, the tree looked to me like it came out of one of the fairy tale books I used to read as a child. Ooh, the Client managed to add a real physical seesaw and we integrated it with the painting, giving it so much more life!
The Client’s idea of a tree with red leaves was genius, although I was against it in the beginning. I have to admit, if it were any other color, it wouldn’t have stood out and have such a cheerful vibe.
Just playing around with some effects on Photoshop

Love this pixel version most!
It was such a pleasure working on this one! Can’t wait for the next! 😀
There is beauty in everyone and everything in this world. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone has an interesting story of their own. It’s just a matter of who the appreciator is, and how long he/she stays to learn, and to understand, to see the true beauty within. 
I’ve always believed there’s someone for everyone, and not everyone is attracted to the same things. Everyone’s got the right to choose what they like to do, how they want to live their life, whom they should love. Hence, never doubt your beauty or loose faith in yourself or the path you choose. You’re here for a purpose be it big or small, everyone’s role is important for this world to be balanced and beautiful. And someone appreciates you for it, you just might not realise it.
Drawing with ball point pen on a6 paper. It’s been a while. I love the simplicity of black and white, and shading the details in gradually. I enjoyed this piece a lot, I enjoyed the message it carries even more. 
Happy labour day and long weekend loves!

Because tomorrow is Monday
The weekends just pass too fast. Wish I had more time to play with my new gadget! Just got the new Macbook Pro yesterday. Had so much fun with it! Above picture is a quick conceptual light study. Hope I can produce at least a sketch like this everyday now…  Till the next time, good night! 🙂

“Thanks for trying to understand”
As we’ve all heard before, men and women think and feel in rather different ways. Was feeling quite emotional and being rather difficult for the past couple of weeks, but the boyfriend was being great, by being patient and understanding.. 
Actually, I’m still not quite sure whether he tried to understand or whether he was just letting me be. But I’m actually super glad most men aren’t as sensitive as women, because, that would be when all hell really breaks loose. haha.
The piece was completed on my Samsung Note 3 with Sketchbook for Galaxy, but I refined it in Photoshop later. Inspired how I can’t think straight when I feel too much and how he can never figure it out!
Anthony and Mei Kuan. #theammoments
I’m at THAT AGE. Where my Facebook feed is filled with weddings, pregnancies and babies. Here’s one of the weddings I was somewhat involved in in January.

Here’s a cartoon illustration I did for a friend from high school. They needed something to fill up the space under the “you’re invited” text. So I proposed the above cartoon.

This was actually the initial proposal that I did on my Samsung Note 3. I thought something more Chinese would suit all the red.
Pasted the illustration on with Sketchbook for Galaxy on my phone.
But they obviously went for the western outfit to suit their Parisian themed wedding.
And this is the monogram I helped them illustrate.
Which they later made into a seal to seal up the wedding invitation envelope
The other side of the envelope incase you’re curious.
On the wedding reception night 🙂 Cute of them to out the cartoon on the screen.
Deco and pink background done by Weddings by Event Horizon, their event planner.
They even printed a huge board for pictures 😀 That’s meee
And that’s me, my man and the adorable couple.