Project Trailer: Sneak Peak of A 12 Canvas Acrylic Painting

So I was inspired one early morning while brushing my teeth, to do a 12-canvas acrylic painting that sends a message that, to achieve anything at all, it takes effort and courage to just take the first step! After that, it’s all about faith and perseverance.

I’ve always wanted to film my art projects, but never got to do it. So this time when I actually did it, it took hours just to edit this 15 second trailer (15 seconds so it fits in instagram. @daphysal). Such a beginner. Those hours are not inclusive of the hours spent preparing the canvases and actually painting on them. Since I filmed everything myself, I had to constantly look back at the camera to check that I got all the footage I wanted. Often, the camera would stop recording and some processes didn’t get filmed.

Anyway, despite all the challenges (mainly because I’m a beginner at this video stuff), I’m really excited about this and praying that both the painting and the video will be good and entertaining! Estimating this to take about a month, as I will be out of town for a week. Super excited! Stay tuned!!

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