room interior design sketch with pink door, hanging cork board and ikea kallax shelf filled with personal items

Here’s a Fun Project this RMO period

Artsy Daphy is giving one free interior design sketch of your room!

How is everyone during this extended Restricted Movement Order (RMO) period? Hope everyone is staying safe. I’m looking to do something really fun with you guys. I want to sketch your room!

How to join?

Send me a picture of a corner of your home, and I’ll sketch it in an upgraded design. Just let me know how you wish it would look instead! Or, I’ll just reimagine it for you.

Direct Message: instagram.com/artsydaphy or email hello@artsydaphy.com and tag #daphysketchmyroom

However, do note that I might not get to sketch everyone’s. But will do as much as possible!

Here is a Sample

from one of our Instagram followers. She sent a picture of a part of her room, and I sketched it in how I would probably redecorate the corner!



I absolutely love interior design. It calms me. And since I can’t afford my own space yet, I’m constantly looking to reimagine new spaces.

I also hope that this exercise would inspire you to redecorate your room or clean up and appreciate spending time in your lovely home where you are safe and healthy.


Send pictures to me soon! Can’t wait to reimagine your spaces! Take care!

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