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Feast and Furious Cafe Mural

Artsy Daphy started furiously as we completed our first mural of 2016! The Feast and Furious Cafe Mural on Abell Road, Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia got itself a feature on Borneo Post! 😀

Artists create iconic murals in city centre

feast and furious mural 02

Up-close shot of the left side of the mural. The pup in my bicycle is Repsol! She’s the sweet little pup that our Client rescued on one of his rides. Janani’s on the Vespa, and Alex’s on the Ducati. The guy above Alex is Eddy Merckx, a professional cyclist and on his left, Valentino Rossi.

feast and furious mural 04

On the right, the Norton!

feast and furious mural 03

And Michael Schumacher on the corner of the building, cheering on all drivers 🙂

feast and furious mural 05

The whole thing took about 14 days to complete with one week on my yellow magic carpet!

feast and furious mural 07

Me and my assistant on the first week!

feast and furious mural 06

And my second assistant for the second week!

feast and furious mural 08

We also had a go on the cherry picker on the final touch-up day 😀 Yes, I can now operate both machines!


feast and furious mural 10

During our two weeks there, we met tons of curious and interesting people too. This very friendly couple came up and asked, “You, drew this? That is er.. Rossi?”. When I replied, “Yes, you recognize him?”, they said proudly, “Yes yes! We’re from Italy!” and pointed at Rossi and the Ducati. 😀

feast and furious mural 11

And this guy was touring Malaysia with his little sister. This is probably the fifth picture he made his sister take. They were so cute and made me want to travel with my sibling too!

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I’ve never been one for words. There’s too much to express that it’ll take a very long time to say all that I am thinking and feeling. I am really bad at this.  Even typing this short introductory paragraph took up time and frustrated me. 
I really admire Lang Leav. Being able to put so much thoughts and feelings into just a few beautiful lines is really useful.  
Anyway,  in attempts to describe this picture, I shall try my best:
We’ve all been here. Re-painting our damaged hearts, trying to keep it red with hope.  Pushing day by day,  carrying on, growing stronger,  becoming numb… Whether you’re sick of waking up to your torturing 9-5 job,  or dealing with your 13th breakup, just know that you’re not alone. And that there really is no point in taking things too seriously, because no one will ever understand the complexity of another’s emotions. So, keep calm and carry on. 
(Yes,  easy to say,  hard to do,  hence the painting, but really,  it’s not that bad) 
Acrylics on 50″ X 60″ Canvas
It took me a month to finally lay paint down on this canvas. I was inspired and had a rough idea of what I wanted to paint. When I looked at the large canvas, I felt a strong feeling that I needed to express. I never understood abstract art until I started splashing paint around. I felt like I had to do it this way. I wanted to feel and to understand.

It took a lot of patience for the first layer of paint to dry. The next day, I peeled out the face that it was supposed to be. After layers and layers of experimentation, I was finally satisfied with the shape and textures I gave it. Acrylics is really a fun medium to play with.

Being an “almost-perfectionist” inside, I needed the subject to be neat and clean, hence, the adding of the black outlines.

And Eve was born, of primary colors, the first adventure, and the beginning of many more. 😀 

The only way to know, is to try;
The only way to understand, is to analyze;
The only way to prove, is to show.
Now I can say I tried, I’m starting to understand, and here it is!
The Field Bar is a new sports bar in town. They wanted five football legends on their wall above the bar table. The first of the five is Eric Cantona.
Used grid lines to get the proportions and spacing right as the other 4 portraits will be done weeks apart.
Decided to shade the portrait with sketchy lines to give it a more masculine, rough and tough look.
After a combined 12 hours the mural was completed with a pencil, eraser, ruler, paintbrushes and black wall paint.
Me and my finished piece. I honestly had no idea how to complete it in the start, but I just knew I was going to finish it. The experiences from all these exciting projects make me more confident yet humbled each time. Each experience is different and unique. Each make me grow in different ways. Each helps me discover something new about me and about Art itself. I am a grateful little girl. Come at me challenges!
27 June 2013, I completed my first mural painting. Done in a combination of 24 hours. It was done with free hand sketch on the wall with pencil, and painted on with Nippon Satin Glo. I have to mention here that I am truly grateful for my friend who is also the Client whom just believed in me and my abilities and totally entrusted me to go ahead with the design in her precious bedroom of her new gorgeous few million ringgit home at Imperial Residence, Kuching. I am also super grateful to my friends who encouraged me and accompanied me throughout my little adventure. To some it may just be a wall painting; to me it is a start and great boost in my artistic confidence!
It all started one day around the third week of June 2013, when Gelina messaged me and told me that she saw my drawings on Facebook and asked me if I could draw portraits on walls. I, who had never completed a painting larger than A3 size just went, “I never did, but I would love to try!!!” And she just let me do it!
I Photoshopped a few designs to test how it would look and we agreed on the one above. I too preferred this because it is a very simple design to go with her contemporary minimalistic room. Something clean and straight forward. Elegant yet demands attention.
I had a deadline though, the house warming was on 28th of June and I was determined to finish it by then. Within the week I made plans to go to her house on my off day and 2 mornings when I was off shift to complete it. I went to shop for wall paint which I had zero clues about. I did some research on various techniques to get the designs on the wall etc.
However, I finally decided to go free hand and sketched away on the wall with a pencil. Walking back and forth to make sure the proportions were right. I honestly did not know what the hell I was doing or whether I could even make it look nice or not. But something in me told me I had to try, I can do it, nothing is impossible until I give up. That determination to complete it and that faith in myself led me to quite satisfying results, I must admit. And I am 100% grateful to God because of everything he has blessed upon me.
First mural 100% completed.
Second mural 100 % completed.
I have to admit the whole process wasn’t smooth sailing. I had various bumps on the road. One was that pencil marks cannot be erased with our regular sticky rubber. I have yet to find out what works and can be erased off walls. Secondly, the second mural was totally out of proportions. The nose was too long, her face was too thin, lips too pale and hair too little. The worse part was when I had to rub off black paint just to correct her face. I used alcohol, baking soda, scrub and everything recommended on Google. In the end, I need to say that all the hard work, determination and faith paid off. 
I had a great experience, and I am definitely looking forward for more to come.

Murals at 90%

I apologize for the poor pictures. I am still waiting for her room to be fully furnished till I take a better picture.

If you’re interested in getting me to wall paint, or found a legal blank wall for me to practice on, do drop me an email at artsydaphy[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you so much for going through this experience with me!

My best friend for ever ever ever ever ever (BFFEEEEE) randomly demanded that she wanted me to draw a picture of her today. Her criteria was that she had to be pretty, it must have roses (like Lee Hi Rose), and must have a wolf. Yes, she is so totally random. 
Lucky for her, I was free and so in the mood to paint! And there you are, an A3 size painting for her to frame on her wall so she can narcissistically stare and fantasize about herself everyday. LOL. 
I have been using pocket water colors to paint because, I am too lazy to set up all the paints and brushes and pallets, etc. Which is why I don’t have many paintings to show too. Even my oil painting is left in my room for months, oops, gotta get back to it!

The Instagram picture
My mind was somehow deep in a forest-ish place today. Maybe it’s because of a picture of this wild (forest-like wild) girl that I saw in a photography blog. It was sexy. She reminded me of wild flowers. Tonight, I just felt like taking my pocket water colors out for a go. And on an A3 paper, I painted this oriental looking lady with the wild greens that inspired me. She somehow reminds me of Chriselle too. Maybe it’s all the fabulous pictures in her blog that got her face stuck in my head. lol.
I enjoyed painting this, it’s relaxing, brought my mind to another calmer place.

The Instagram version

Biker Chic (2011)

I have a passion, it’s obviously in Art. But, I also get crazy excited when it comes to everything or anything to do with Fashion!
 Chriselle Lim in a Romantic Beach Dress (2011)
Be it Fashion related movies like The Devil Wears Prada (omg I watched that like a gazillion times), Fashion magazines (BAZAAR!), Fashion YouTubers (chrisellelim), Fashion Blogs (Polyvore), Fashion shows, Fashion Week, Fashion news, Street Fashion or anything at all from Lady Gaga to Blair Waldorf (I was so into Gossip Girl because of, you guessed it, the Fashion),
It truly is a beautiful form of art that people admire and indulge in.

Haute Couture Sketch (2013)

Especially Haute Couture!
The dresses are so perfect, so detailed, so elegant, so unique, so creative, so beautiful, I still haven’t had the time to challenge myself to paint a portrait of one of them!

Diane Von Furstenberg Inspired Dress (2013)
I love sketching pieces and  patterns from  magazines, movies, on the streets, anytime, anywhere.
Beach wear sketch (2013) 

It just excites and inspires me.
Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)’s Prom Dress.

So I’ve came up with an idea.
A little project. 
It’ll take some time…
…Some money.
Faces from BAZAAR (2013)
But I hope to make it happen before the year ends. Can’t wait!