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“All I wanted was to go to the ball…”
This piece is made from wilted lilies that the boyfie gave me for my birthday. They still smell good!
This can also sort of describe the mood I am in now! I came down with sinus and occasional bad migraines this week so I’m under “house-arrest”. It’s supposed to be an eventful August for me, diving on the first weekend, Rainforest World Music Festival this weekend and 10km Kuching Marathon next weekend! Might skip Rainforest because of my stupid head. Hope I recover in time for the run!

This one is done by my dear colleague, Janani and I. Well, I pasted the white flowers together, that’s all. haha. LOVE the flowers they bought this time! White chrysanthemums are so pretty and the roses are huge!
(I shall keep you safe, paperclips!)
If you have a desk job involving tons of papers, you’d know how often you need these little pieces of metals. They are so small and so many that they need to be kept in a shallow box for neat storage and easy access. But it’s a hassle to have to keep opening and closing the box it came from. And if you’re like me, and find it a waste to buy a pretty new container just for them little buggers, here’s an idea on how you can store your paperclips for easy access with style, for free! 
Just open up your paperclip box, doodle whatever you like on the inside and outside of all the flaps, you can even stick post-its on it to make the little monster more interesting. Next, just stick the cover flap to your PCs monitor so the box wouldn’t close, spill, or move all around your desk. There you go, a new practical, decoration piece on your workspace. No money involved, and you just reused! 🙂
On another note, it breaks my heart to realize I updated this space only once for the past few months. Since I’m finding less time to make complete bigger pieces, I shall now post whatever little creations I come up with daily, like this Office Craft idea.
Also, there’s an exciting little project in Kuching City  that might delight many young artists and art lovers here. Super grateful to be part of it. This will be a busy week thinking of ideas to contribute to this project.
Till next time, thanks for dropping by! Will update more often, promise!

On Easter Sunday this year, I followed my family to an Easter party organized by our church friends from the Phillipines. They are so creative and pay so much attention to pretty details! The house was decorated with bunnies, candles, eggs, cakes and chocolates, simply adorable!

Here are some of my egg designs this year! Yes, no basket to put them in :
The Little Meregg in her shell (Front)

The Little Meregg (Back)

Resort and City Life

“I Tried to Paint My Easter Egg with Everything I got… It is Pain”
(I don’t know why my eggs are so negative. Lol)

Exercise Book Egg!
Golden Aztec Egg? Surprisingly, this was 3rd place in the egg design competition.
The Mel Egg, because this friend of mine always drew spiral patterns! And it inspired me to draw it on this egg. haha

Have A


I kept the champagne cork and it’s holder from the bottle we had at my farewell party. There was something about the color, the shapes and the texture of these little items that screamed, “COLLECT ME”.
And so I went home and Googled, I knew someone else must have found interesting ways to keep or display these beauties. And there it was… Vintage chairs!!! 
There you go, my first attempt. Not very neat, part of the wire even chipped off because I bent it too many times… But I guess being vintage, imperfection made it look perfect. Definitely a new hobby. 

Confused Sharpies
I went shopping during the weekend, and when I walked pass the stationary section at Parkson, Plaza Merdeka, my eyes was glued to the colorful display of Sharpies @@ I think I got myself 9 colors, mostly pastel colors as I have many strong colored markers already. And these are my first testing out of the markers. Quite sweet they are, would make beautiful cards! Am in love with the silver metallic color one! Wish there was a gold, would so get it!
Obviously got quite carried away with the silver color

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I had a little card making session for the boyfriend with recycled stationary!
The initial card cover made using recycled paper and old pink post-it notes.
But I screwed it up because of my itchy hands.
So I cut out the other half of the A4 paper and folded it in half and drew an envelope on the front:

The heart in the middle is cut out of the untouched parts of the bigger heart which I ruined. sobs.
For the inside of the card, I tore out a page from an old, yellowish-papered note book to give it that vintage-ish feeling. I tore off all 4 corners of the page. Keeping the rough edges from the tear, I hand-wrote the note and pasted the page in the card.
Woarah, I settled for this very simple, old school 2 in 1: Envelope/Letter Valentine’s Day card which I was quite satisfied with. I have to remind myself that less is more and simplicity is better to avoid screw ups like this again haha.
Hope you all had a fun time making your cards and gifts, and don’t give up on pieces that seem ruined, we could always recycle bits and pieces of everything to make something even better. 😀
Lots of love,