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Anthony and Mei Kuan. #theammoments
I’m at THAT AGE. Where my Facebook feed is filled with weddings, pregnancies and babies. Here’s one of the weddings I was somewhat involved in in January.

Here’s a cartoon illustration I did for a friend from high school. They needed something to fill up the space under the “you’re invited” text. So I proposed the above cartoon.

This was actually the initial proposal that I did on my Samsung Note 3. I thought something more Chinese would suit all the red.
Pasted the illustration on with Sketchbook for Galaxy on my phone.
But they obviously went for the western outfit to suit their Parisian themed wedding.
And this is the monogram I helped them illustrate.
Which they later made into a seal to seal up the wedding invitation envelope
The other side of the envelope incase you’re curious.
On the wedding reception night 🙂 Cute of them to out the cartoon on the screen.
Deco and pink background done by Weddings by Event Horizon, their event planner.
They even printed a huge board for pictures 😀 That’s meee
And that’s me, my man and the adorable couple.
Has it really been 3 months since my last update?! Need to start kicking myself to spend more time with the PC!
Anyway, here’s a digital painting of my dear friend from Sri Lanka that I met in university. He’s a really cool dude whom sent me stuff from his country several times! Truly appreciate it! And here’s the portrait I owed him for ever!
Did a couple of  other artsy-ish stuff during my abesnce online which I can’t wait to share! Stay tuned, and I shall update more frequently! (I will! New Year’s resolution! lol) Tataaa

Tonight, most of us Malaysians around the world would have our faces in our computers, phones, television, and anything with a screen, as we nervously await the results of the 13th General Elections. (Probably won’t be in my lazy pose, but you get the picture.)
I really love my country. It is my beautiful, peaceful, friendly, and much loved home. I really hope and pray for a better Malaysia!
Say Hi to Projects Department 2 + 3! They are the most adorable, fun and unique people I have ever had the privilege of working with.
These are little bookmarks I gave them on my last day with them. Miss them loads. 

Here’s a commissioned piece I did for my ex manager. It’s a gift for his father’s up coming birthday. He wanted a holiday feel to it as his parents are retiring soon, he also mentioned they liked ping pong. Haha. 
Done with pen and markers. Bad picture quality because I took the picture with my lousy phone’s camera. Need to get myself a good cam!