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xmas 2015
Season’s Greetings everyone!!!!!!!!
I do realise I have been severely behind on updating. There are so many completed and upcoming projects that I really want to share with you guys! But editing pictures, videos and just thinking of content to write for a full proper post just takes up a hell lot of time which I haven’t seem to be able to find yet.  So here’s a small collage of some of this year’s work, some commissioned and some personal projects. May 2016 be much more awesome!
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Anthony and Mei Kuan. #theammoments
I’m at THAT AGE. Where my Facebook feed is filled with weddings, pregnancies and babies. Here’s one of the weddings I was somewhat involved in in January.

Here’s a cartoon illustration I did for a friend from high school. They needed something to fill up the space under the “you’re invited” text. So I proposed the above cartoon.

This was actually the initial proposal that I did on my Samsung Note 3. I thought something more Chinese would suit all the red.
Pasted the illustration on with Sketchbook for Galaxy on my phone.
But they obviously went for the western outfit to suit their Parisian themed wedding.
And this is the monogram I helped them illustrate.
Which they later made into a seal to seal up the wedding invitation envelope
The other side of the envelope incase you’re curious.
On the wedding reception night 🙂 Cute of them to out the cartoon on the screen.
Deco and pink background done by Weddings by Event Horizon, their event planner.
They even printed a huge board for pictures 😀 That’s meee
And that’s me, my man and the adorable couple.
After: Layered and painted with Photoshop
Before: Taken with a mobile phone and sent over whatsapp

An old schoolmate of mine wanted to print out his wedding portrait for his wedding reception. However, the picture the couple wanted printed was taken with a mobile phone and was way too tiny to print on such a large canvas. The colors and shadows were completely off too. Hence, he asked if I could paint it out. 

I managed to use a few of their professionally taken pictures, and tons of painting and adjusting to put the portrait together.

And they got it printed in time for their wedding 😀 Managed to get a pic with it too while it was still wrapped in plastic hehe.

Did a fun little project with Mike’s Smokehouse, Kuching this year for Valentine’s Day. I painted their glass window and a mirror in the restaurant. This is possibly the worst picture quality I’ve allowed on artsydaphy. I really have yet to get a camera! Roar.
That would be me and the painting on the glass window.
One of the friendly staff, and the painting on the mirror.

From the inside. Yes, color looks so much better because of the opacity of the paint, depending on the location of the light.

The proposal with Photoshop.
Everything always looks better in Photoshop. Lol.

40cm X 40cm Oil on Canvas
Behold, my first ever completed oil painting ordered by Grace for the very talented Joanne on the Grand Opening of My Sugar Bakes. My Sugar Bakes is a Designer Cake Boutique in Kuching, Sarawak. They make beautiful yummy cakes for all occasions. Look them up on Facebook! 
Thoughts from my first oil painting experience:
It took me A LOT of time. This is because oil paint takes forever to dry. Had to wait day after day to put on new layers. It was a little challenging but still an awesome experience, getting lost in the colors and getting all excited about how it’ll turn out and all that. Definitely more to come!
To celebrate, I spent nearly RM200 on acrylics, clay, pens, brushes and a few more sketchbooks. Haha. Can’t wait to test out acrylics as I heard it dries a lot faster than oils.
That’s it for now, Happy Sunday! Thanks for dropping by! <3
On Easter Sunday this year, I followed my family to an Easter party organized by our church friends from the Phillipines. They are so creative and pay so much attention to pretty details! The house was decorated with bunnies, candles, eggs, cakes and chocolates, simply adorable!

Here are some of my egg designs this year! Yes, no basket to put them in :
The Little Meregg in her shell (Front)

The Little Meregg (Back)

Resort and City Life

“I Tried to Paint My Easter Egg with Everything I got… It is Pain”
(I don’t know why my eggs are so negative. Lol)

Exercise Book Egg!
Golden Aztec Egg? Surprisingly, this was 3rd place in the egg design competition.
The Mel Egg, because this friend of mine always drew spiral patterns! And it inspired me to draw it on this egg. haha

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