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Here’s an original nail art idea I just randomly thought of tonight. All you need is 2 contrasting colors and a white color to do this. 
Perfect for a sweet, colorful spring to go with our colorful outfits. Would even make a beautiful blouse and skirt combination, like how I illustrated above. Wish I could sew! I’d so make the set!
Enjoy! :3

With festive seasons around the corner, one can’t help but check out the latest trends fashion has to offer. I’ve only recently purchased my first Harper’s BAZAAR magazine and I confess, I’m addicted! Articles and pictures in there are oh so inspiring to me. It eventually brought me to their website, and, and vogue, and got me scrolling fashion on Pintrest, and so on. Fashion truly is an art in itself.
Since portraits and human-ish drawings were initially my forte, i found myself stuck with sketching lots and lots of people and clothes again. Oh the joy! *giggles to self* Perhaps fashion was always my passion?
Here are some rough sketches I’ve done. Can’t wait for my shopping trip in February!

Insanely gorgeous pair of gold Alexander McQueens

Donna Karan 2013
Stuff I liked from Donna Karan 2013
Dress from Forever 21, 2012
Dress from Forever 21, 2012