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After: Layered and painted with Photoshop
Before: Taken with a mobile phone and sent over whatsapp

An old schoolmate of mine wanted to print out his wedding portrait for his wedding reception. However, the picture the couple wanted printed was taken with a mobile phone and was way too tiny to print on such a large canvas. The colors and shadows were completely off too. Hence, he asked if I could paint it out. 

I managed to use a few of their professionally taken pictures, and tons of painting and adjusting to put the portrait together.

And they got it printed in time for their wedding 😀 Managed to get a pic with it too while it was still wrapped in plastic hehe.

Watched CNN’s cover this morning on the MH17 tragedy. It was too painful looking at the video clips, listening to the discussions,  and imagining the grief of loss. I felt the urge to draw something,  to calm the sore heart.
This is a quick sketch with Sketchbook for Galaxy done with my Samsung Note 3.
Rest in peace, MH17.
Has it really been 3 months since my last update?! Need to start kicking myself to spend more time with the PC!
Anyway, here’s a digital painting of my dear friend from Sri Lanka that I met in university. He’s a really cool dude whom sent me stuff from his country several times! Truly appreciate it! And here’s the portrait I owed him for ever!
Did a couple of  other artsy-ish stuff during my abesnce online which I can’t wait to share! Stay tuned, and I shall update more frequently! (I will! New Year’s resolution! lol) Tataaa

Hello all, pardon my disappearance, I have been out of town, in Kuala Lumpur, to be exact. I haven’t been getting enough time and space to do any drawing. Lack of time is because I’m here for work. As for space, I don’t have a proper table and chair at the hotel. Well, there is a chair and a table but barely enough space, it’s so uncomfy! Can’t do anything there. Oh how I miss drawing and creating stuff. Worse part is, I had a fever of 38.9 degrees Celsius last Thursday that I spent the entire weekend in my hotel room feeling sad, disappointed, and drowsy because of medication. *CRIES*
But I’m all better now, and happy artsy Daphy is coming back soon! Evidence is this very quick and rough sketch of Daphne in KL that I did lying on my bed (my back is now sore). Slowly building up my shopping mood too! Can’t believe Daphne hasn’t bought anything at all after more than a week here! Not happening! Shopping my last two days left in this city whenever I have the time, now that I feel better! 
I miss Kuching, my little home town. I really hope to see the beach this weekend. I need a break!
Drew the picture above with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and my fat finger today, using the highlighter pen.
So I guess I’ll just post up some other stuff that I drew with my iPhone 4…
Be warned, this is going to be one really long post!
Enjoy! 🙂
Using the SketchbookX app for iPhone

After that, I bought the full Sketchbook App and drew my friend’s dog.
Remember the once super addictive game?
I only did this to those few friends who appreciated the drawings and actually asked me to take my time drawing them. hahaha.

Yeap, I had alot of free time. LOL