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My best friend for ever ever ever ever ever (BFFEEEEE) randomly demanded that she wanted me to draw a picture of her today. Her criteria was that she had to be pretty, it must have roses (like Lee Hi Rose), and must have a wolf. Yes, she is so totally random. 
Lucky for her, I was free and so in the mood to paint! And there you are, an A3 size painting for her to frame on her wall so she can narcissistically stare and fantasize about herself everyday. LOL. 
I have been using pocket water colors to paint because, I am too lazy to set up all the paints and brushes and pallets, etc. Which is why I don’t have many paintings to show too. Even my oil painting is left in my room for months, oops, gotta get back to it!

The Instagram picture
My mind was somehow deep in a forest-ish place today. Maybe it’s because of a picture of this wild (forest-like wild) girl that I saw in a photography blog. It was sexy. She reminded me of wild flowers. Tonight, I just felt like taking my pocket water colors out for a go. And on an A3 paper, I painted this oriental looking lady with the wild greens that inspired me. She somehow reminds me of Chriselle too. Maybe it’s all the fabulous pictures in her blog that got her face stuck in my head. lol.
I enjoyed painting this, it’s relaxing, brought my mind to another calmer place.

The Instagram version

Biker Chic (2011)

I have a passion, it’s obviously in Art. But, I also get crazy excited when it comes to everything or anything to do with Fashion!
 Chriselle Lim in a Romantic Beach Dress (2011)
Be it Fashion related movies like The Devil Wears Prada (omg I watched that like a gazillion times), Fashion magazines (BAZAAR!), Fashion YouTubers (chrisellelim), Fashion Blogs (Polyvore), Fashion shows, Fashion Week, Fashion news, Street Fashion or anything at all from Lady Gaga to Blair Waldorf (I was so into Gossip Girl because of, you guessed it, the Fashion),
It truly is a beautiful form of art that people admire and indulge in.

Haute Couture Sketch (2013)

Especially Haute Couture!
The dresses are so perfect, so detailed, so elegant, so unique, so creative, so beautiful, I still haven’t had the time to challenge myself to paint a portrait of one of them!

Diane Von Furstenberg Inspired Dress (2013)
I love sketching pieces and  patterns from  magazines, movies, on the streets, anytime, anywhere.
Beach wear sketch (2013) 

It just excites and inspires me.
Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)’s Prom Dress.

So I’ve came up with an idea.
A little project. 
It’ll take some time…
…Some money.
Faces from BAZAAR (2013)
But I hope to make it happen before the year ends. Can’t wait!
Fashion Illustration: Neon
I was in Singapore last weekend and it seems boutiques are stocking up on neon colors! Although neon colors obviously scream for attention, pairing them with whites or blacks can give the color  quite a chic look.
Out of my O.P.I. and China Glaze nail polish haul that weekend, I so extremely regret not getting the neon yellow China Glaze nail polish. 🙁
Happy shopping 😀

With festive seasons around the corner, one can’t help but check out the latest trends fashion has to offer. I’ve only recently purchased my first Harper’s BAZAAR magazine and I confess, I’m addicted! Articles and pictures in there are oh so inspiring to me. It eventually brought me to their website, and, and vogue, and got me scrolling fashion on Pintrest, and so on. Fashion truly is an art in itself.
Since portraits and human-ish drawings were initially my forte, i found myself stuck with sketching lots and lots of people and clothes again. Oh the joy! *giggles to self* Perhaps fashion was always my passion?
Here are some rough sketches I’ve done. Can’t wait for my shopping trip in February!

Insanely gorgeous pair of gold Alexander McQueens

Donna Karan 2013
Stuff I liked from Donna Karan 2013
Dress from Forever 21, 2012
Dress from Forever 21, 2012