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“it takes strength to admit weakness”
A personal sketch done out of a burst of emotions. Admit it, it is not easy to share your weaknesses. There’s a lot to think about especially when you grow up. You are more worried about what people might think of you, especially in the professional field. You want to appear tough and strong and that there is nothing difficult enough to put you down, and yet you cry in the washroom because you had to put everything that bothered you aside. But my friends, admitting you have a weakness doesn’t mean it’ll get in the way of you achieving what you set out to do. We learn and get tougher everyday. As long as we keep fighting and trying, we’ll get to where we want to be. It’s okay to cry, we are only human.
Here’s some eye candy for ya’ll. Referred to a random hot guy on instagram. Thought it’ll be nice for the summer and motivate some of you to get that beach body! Done with color pencils on an A4 paper. 

And this is a not so hot self portrait of how I’ve been feeling for the past week. It’s been extremely hot in Borneo, plus I’m PMSing, resulting in a tired, ugly-feeling, super uninspired and not-so artsy Daphy. Painted with Sketchbook Galaxy on my Samsung Note3 smartphone.
Let’s hope things will get better next month as my birthday is coming soon! 😀
Hope you are all doing better than I!

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