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(I shall keep you safe, paperclips!)
If you have a desk job involving tons of papers, you’d know how often you need these little pieces of metals. They are so small and so many that they need to be kept in a shallow box for neat storage and easy access. But it’s a hassle to have to keep opening and closing the box it came from. And if you’re like me, and find it a waste to buy a pretty new container just for them little buggers, here’s an idea on how you can store your paperclips for easy access with style, for free! 
Just open up your paperclip box, doodle whatever you like on the inside and outside of all the flaps, you can even stick post-its on it to make the little monster more interesting. Next, just stick the cover flap to your PCs monitor so the box wouldn’t close, spill, or move all around your desk. There you go, a new practical, decoration piece on your workspace. No money involved, and you just reused! 🙂
On another note, it breaks my heart to realize I updated this space only once for the past few months. Since I’m finding less time to make complete bigger pieces, I shall now post whatever little creations I come up with daily, like this Office Craft idea.
Also, there’s an exciting little project in Kuching City  that might delight many young artists and art lovers here. Super grateful to be part of it. This will be a busy week thinking of ideas to contribute to this project.
Till next time, thanks for dropping by! Will update more often, promise!

Tonight, most of us Malaysians around the world would have our faces in our computers, phones, television, and anything with a screen, as we nervously await the results of the 13th General Elections. (Probably won’t be in my lazy pose, but you get the picture.)
I really love my country. It is my beautiful, peaceful, friendly, and much loved home. I really hope and pray for a better Malaysia!
The gym I’m going to requires us to have our own padlocks to lock our lockers. I forgot to bring one so I just bought one at the counter. To my horror, they only had these hideous golden-silver industrial padlocks. But it’s okay, everytime I’m encountered with such lemon situations, my mind gets prodded to make lemonade!
Using nail polish, markers and acrylic paint, I came up with these designs. My lock has a white nail polish base, and a colorful aztec pattern for the face. The key’s head is painted too (that was inspired by Michelle Phan)!
For the back of the padlock, I wanted to keep it simple. However, I have really really really itchy hands that I ended up dotting the whole face.
This is Steve’s lock. His lock is painted with acrylic paint, giving it a matte black surface. The details are done with nail polish. I followed the gym’s theme for his lock so that it has a more masculine feeling and goes with the place (and also because I liked it).

Splats of paint to go with the theme. Love it!
So don’t worry if you get ugly or plain or boring stuff. There are tons of ways to decorate and personalize them. You just gotta find the right tools and google for inspiration!
Here’s my boring gym bottle which I drew on with my silver Sharpie. See how I love self-customizing stuff?! *Wonders if this is a disorder*
My life, though I know it to be fragile as the flame on a candle, I face it with colorful passion and hope. I was shielded in the early part of life with a giant umbrella of love, education and care which I call home. Then, it was time to step out of the shell and explore the world. The world is complicated yet exciting and inspiring as flowers in the wilderness. As time passes, finances started to climb its way up life’s priorities list. As I work hard ‘mining diamonds‘, I read books and try to travel as often as I could afford to to keep this world of mine as colorful and as inspiring as it is.
The picture of it on my Instagram

If you noticed, the bold words are elements you can find in the illustration 🙂

Drawn entirely with the few Sharpie markers I own. I call her, Queen of the Sharpies… because… I can’t really think now. Lying in bed weak in exhaustion. My body can’t take weeks of 6 hours of sleep. I’m an 8 hour person. 🙁 So weak!
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, partying, catching up with buddies, dating, or just happily chillaxing at home. Be grateful to be well and enjoy every second of it! Stay healthy! 

Biker Chic (2011)

I have a passion, it’s obviously in Art. But, I also get crazy excited when it comes to everything or anything to do with Fashion!
 Chriselle Lim in a Romantic Beach Dress (2011)
Be it Fashion related movies like The Devil Wears Prada (omg I watched that like a gazillion times), Fashion magazines (BAZAAR!), Fashion YouTubers (chrisellelim), Fashion Blogs (Polyvore), Fashion shows, Fashion Week, Fashion news, Street Fashion or anything at all from Lady Gaga to Blair Waldorf (I was so into Gossip Girl because of, you guessed it, the Fashion),
It truly is a beautiful form of art that people admire and indulge in.

Haute Couture Sketch (2013)

Especially Haute Couture!
The dresses are so perfect, so detailed, so elegant, so unique, so creative, so beautiful, I still haven’t had the time to challenge myself to paint a portrait of one of them!

Diane Von Furstenberg Inspired Dress (2013)
I love sketching pieces and  patterns from  magazines, movies, on the streets, anytime, anywhere.
Beach wear sketch (2013) 

It just excites and inspires me.
Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)’s Prom Dress.

So I’ve came up with an idea.
A little project. 
It’ll take some time…
…Some money.
Faces from BAZAAR (2013)
But I hope to make it happen before the year ends. Can’t wait!
On Easter Sunday this year, I followed my family to an Easter party organized by our church friends from the Phillipines. They are so creative and pay so much attention to pretty details! The house was decorated with bunnies, candles, eggs, cakes and chocolates, simply adorable!

Here are some of my egg designs this year! Yes, no basket to put them in :
The Little Meregg in her shell (Front)

The Little Meregg (Back)

Resort and City Life

“I Tried to Paint My Easter Egg with Everything I got… It is Pain”
(I don’t know why my eggs are so negative. Lol)

Exercise Book Egg!
Golden Aztec Egg? Surprisingly, this was 3rd place in the egg design competition.
The Mel Egg, because this friend of mine always drew spiral patterns! And it inspired me to draw it on this egg. haha

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