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The gym I’m going to requires us to have our own padlocks to lock our lockers. I forgot to bring one so I just bought one at the counter. To my horror, they only had these hideous golden-silver industrial padlocks. But it’s okay, everytime I’m encountered with such lemon situations, my mind gets prodded to make lemonade!
Using nail polish, markers and acrylic paint, I came up with these designs. My lock has a white nail polish base, and a colorful aztec pattern for the face. The key’s head is painted too (that was inspired by Michelle Phan)!
For the back of the padlock, I wanted to keep it simple. However, I have really really really itchy hands that I ended up dotting the whole face.
This is Steve’s lock. His lock is painted with acrylic paint, giving it a matte black surface. The details are done with nail polish. I followed the gym’s theme for his lock so that it has a more masculine feeling and goes with the place (and also because I liked it).

Splats of paint to go with the theme. Love it!
So don’t worry if you get ugly or plain or boring stuff. There are tons of ways to decorate and personalize them. You just gotta find the right tools and google for inspiration!
Here’s my boring gym bottle which I drew on with my silver Sharpie. See how I love self-customizing stuff?! *Wonders if this is a disorder*

Here’s a simple yet quite fancy looking nail art design I created with some of the China Glaze colors I got from my Singapore nail polish haul (will post the colors next). The colors were mostly quite unique so, I didn’t have the time to think about how to use them. Last night, I just had to use the China Glaze: Glitter All The Way color (on the ring finger) because it was so unique! The best thing is, with only 2 coats, it already looks so opaque and brilliant. Loving this brand!
Girls, you can replace the rhinestones with similar colored dots of nail polish if you don’t want to have ugly holes when the stones fall off. Enjoy 🙂