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90 x 60cm Acrylic Painting of Nelson Mandela
“It always seems impossible until it’s done”
– Nelson Mandela -1918-2013 –
My first acrylic attempt, I had no experience, yet no doubts about finishing it, I didn’t really think too much about it, I just went ahead and did it. 
Done from 10.30pm – 5am on a Thursday night to Friday morning. Yes, only had 2.5 hours of sleep and back to my 8-5 job the next day, and the amazing Lov Gallery: Strong Words exhibit launch that evening. Lovely week. Lovely caffeine. lol. I had to write this mad experience down to remind myself nothing is impossible.
It was done last minute because the gallery informed me that there was a wall to fill a few days before the launch. And at the given time, I had completely no idea what to draw that was related to the theme “Strong Words”. Then, a day before the event, I thought, why not do a Nelson Mandela drawing since he spoke very Strong Words which inspired many, whom so happen to leave us only about a week ago.. I thought it would be a great tribute to him which for some coincidence had a lot to do with the exhibition’s theme. And so I decided to do an acrylic typography portrait of him (the typography part didn’t happen though). I went to get the canvas, without thinking whether I can actually do it or not because for one, I never did a 60x90cm canvas before, but I’ve painted on walls, so I imagined the size shouldn’t be a matter. Secondly, I never used acrylics… All I knew was, it is paint and it dries faster than oils, so, I thought, couldn’t be that hard, so I just winged it!
And so that night I happily tried my luck and challenged my limits. I was really satisfied with the results. Only, the next day, when the portrait was under the sunlight did I realize it needed more layers. However, that could wait because it’ll probably look fine indoors in the gallery. And so that’s the story of my first acrylic painting: a portrait of the late Nelson Mandela in one night. 

Thursday – 11pm
Wine and art, my favorite past-time combination



Close up

Up on the wall before the opening. Words written by Patsy Lam, the gallery’s adorable director
“Strong Words” launch. Great turnout, wonderful performances, amazing community

Artists doing their thing!
My two new friends
Talented duo! Got everyone clapping along to their music
Amazing picture taken by Michelle Ferreis, a super friendly and talented graphic designer!
The night was a blast. Got to meet tons of wonderful local artists. Looking forward to the next exhibition! Be sure to check Lov Gallery out next time any one of you are in Kuching!