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I’ve never been one for words. There’s too much to express that it’ll take a very long time to say all that I am thinking and feeling. I am really bad at this.  Even typing this short introductory paragraph took up time and frustrated me. 
I really admire Lang Leav. Being able to put so much thoughts and feelings into just a few beautiful lines is really useful.  
Anyway,  in attempts to describe this picture, I shall try my best:
We’ve all been here. Re-painting our damaged hearts, trying to keep it red with hope.  Pushing day by day,  carrying on, growing stronger,  becoming numb… Whether you’re sick of waking up to your torturing 9-5 job,  or dealing with your 13th breakup, just know that you’re not alone. And that there really is no point in taking things too seriously, because no one will ever understand the complexity of another’s emotions. So, keep calm and carry on. 
(Yes,  easy to say,  hard to do,  hence the painting, but really,  it’s not that bad) 
Watched CNN’s cover this morning on the MH17 tragedy. It was too painful looking at the video clips, listening to the discussions,  and imagining the grief of loss. I felt the urge to draw something,  to calm the sore heart.
This is a quick sketch with Sketchbook for Galaxy done with my Samsung Note 3.
Rest in peace, MH17.
Drew the picture above with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and my fat finger today, using the highlighter pen.
So I guess I’ll just post up some other stuff that I drew with my iPhone 4…
Be warned, this is going to be one really long post!
Enjoy! 🙂
Using the SketchbookX app for iPhone

After that, I bought the full Sketchbook App and drew my friend’s dog.
Remember the once super addictive game?
I only did this to those few friends who appreciated the drawings and actually asked me to take my time drawing them. hahaha.

Yeap, I had alot of free time. LOL