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“Want to stand out? Quit lying around!” – Paper Shirt
Don’t limit yourself.
Laziness does that!
3rd picture! This is what I have to say about my photography: Things NEVER turn out the way I planned. Never! I have an idea, I do it, the outcome is different from the initial imagined image. This is so strange. Not saying it’s bad, but, it’s just a strange feeling. Just like how I always imagine things I want to draw first, that never turns out the same as I thought they would! Except realistic drawings/portraits of course… I think I actually prefer being surprised! :p

“I want to be a carrot.” – Tack 

Don’t limit yourself.

Excited to show you guys the first part of a new experimental photo series! #dontlimityourself

Doing this piece made me think: I’ve always wondered what my “art style” is. It’s pretty obvious that I do a jumble of everything from mural painting to graphic design as seen here on Artsy Daphy. And everytime I think I finally realized what it is,  I start doing something completely different.  Perhaps I’m like the blu-tack in the picture, just a soft flexible piece of something that wants to become everything. Might not be perfect in any (yet),  but happy to be able to attempt to be anything I want! Happy being the Jack or even just a Pawn of all trades. 
Tell me if you can summarise my style. (It’s ok,  I can take constructive criticism, just say it politely. >.<)