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Drew the picture above with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and my fat finger today, using the highlighter pen.
So I guess I’ll just post up some other stuff that I drew with my iPhone 4…
Be warned, this is going to be one really long post!
Enjoy! 🙂
Using the SketchbookX app for iPhone

After that, I bought the full Sketchbook App and drew my friend’s dog.
Remember the once super addictive game?
I only did this to those few friends who appreciated the drawings and actually asked me to take my time drawing them. hahaha.

Yeap, I had alot of free time. LOL
It was not so long ago that I spent RM170 getting a couple of graphic markers for colored sketches. I never regretted the money spent.

Today, I got myself a set of oil paints, canvas, brushes and tools which costs around RM200 all together, and I didn’t even manage to get a stand! I think my hobby is getting more and more expensive. But, it is a very meaningful investment to me. This is truly my passion. I can’t wait to finish my first oil painting.

To get to this stage, I must thank my very first a6 sketchbook which I got a few months back. A tiny sketchbook really makes you practice because it’s so small, quick and easy. You don’t feel the pressure you get on bigger pieces. It also helps you jot down little bits of inspiration you get so randomly. I really advise anyone who is eager to draw more but don’t have the time to, to just get a small sketchbook. Eventually, you’ll make it a habit to keep drawing and slowly, you’d move to bigger and bigger pieces. Like how I moved to an a5 sketchbook after finishing my a6 one. And now, I’m thinking a5 is getting tinier and tinier. Soon, I’ll be bringing an a4 sketchbook around me, looking like the geek I am. But I don’t care, because I love what I do. 🙂