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#21 Nail Art

Nail Art has always been a great interest of mine, if you’ve looked through my older blog, you’d see many  of my nail art pictures that I painted almost every week when I was in university.
Since I started working, I had less time to beautify my little fingers so often. So in conjunction with Chinese New Year, I took this opportunity to try an interesting type of nail art, with acrylic paint!
Not very steady with the brush yet, but I’ll get a hang of it soon :3
This is a piece I did for my colleague with normal nail polish. Tedious because nail polish is too thick and dries way too fast.
Here’s the nail art on another dear colleague of mine. She did the red base and I added the flowers.
If any of you are interested, I’d experiment my nail art on you, for a really cheap price. Just leave a comment 😀

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