Happy Valentine’s Day!
I had a little card making session for the boyfriend with recycled stationary!
The initial card cover made using recycled paper and old pink post-it notes.
But I screwed it up because of my itchy hands.
So I cut out the other half of the A4 paper and folded it in half and drew an envelope on the front:

The heart in the middle is cut out of the untouched parts of the bigger heart which I ruined. sobs.
For the inside of the card, I tore out a page from an old, yellowish-papered note book to give it that vintage-ish feeling. I tore off all 4 corners of the page. Keeping the rough edges from the tear, I hand-wrote the note and pasted the page in the card.
Woarah, I settled for this very simple, old school 2 in 1: Envelope/Letter Valentine’s Day card which I was quite satisfied with. I have to remind myself that less is more and simplicity is better to avoid screw ups like this again haha.
Hope you all had a fun time making your cards and gifts, and don’t give up on pieces that seem ruined, we could always recycle bits and pieces of everything to make something even better. 😀
Lots of love,

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