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#32 Vintage Purple One-Stroke Nail Art

Vintage purple one-stroke nail art
During my Chinese New Year shopping trip this year, I stopped by a manicure store in Pavilion which distributed O.P.I. nail polish. I never really thought much about spending so much on only one bottle of nail polish (one 15ml bottle of normal O.P.I. nail lacquer costs around RM59.90), but I just went in to have a look anyway.
To my excitement, I spotted the O.P.I. mini collections, they were SO CUTE! The colors in each set was unique and came with quirky names too! Furthermore, tiny bottles meant less waste as most of my polish dry out before I could finish using them. I was totally sold. I picked up the ‘EURO Centrale’ set and the ‘Teal the Cows Come Home’ set, which to my further delight, the boyfie insisted to pay for. 😀
After more than 2 months, I finally took out the color, ‘You’re such a BudaPest’ from the EURO Centrale collection. The color is sort of a pastel purple as shown in the picture above. I seldom settle with  plain nails so I decided to practice the one-stroke nail art technique and created the white-yellow petals. Still trying really hard to get a hand of the technique. Turned out to look quite vintagey, hence the name.
Hope this inspires you nail art lovers out there! 🙂
Here’s the picture of it I put on Instagram

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