#36 Exercise Book Art – Tilt your head and Imagine

“Heart don’t leave me now”

There are times when I sit and stare into blank space… Then I pause and close my eyes to NOT think for a second, because my mind is clouded with thoughts… all the logic.. all the rules… These are times when I feel uninspired, dry. But thank goodness, it only lasts for a split second. In the next second, I remind myself that everything and anything around me is beautiful, even if it doesn’t seem so to the naked eye, and once again, my eyes open wide with colors and ideas. The great thing about us is, if we just tilt our heads, twist our thoughts, and use some imagination, just a little bit, we can look at things very differently. Something dull can look interesting; something regular would seem unique. It’s like falling in love, once you spend enough time appreciating something, or see someone in a different light, it would be the most special thing. It could become something you would develop special feelings for; it would be something you realized only you’ve discovered. You would want to grasp it and appreciate it, because it has become beautiful in your eyes.
The Cowboy and the Dog: “We’ll get there boy, we will”
Then comes the next stage, expressing. Many think that if they’re not artists, they can’t express. But look at the tons of beautiful pictures on Instagram, from all walks of life, surely not everyone think they can draw or paint, but everyone does have the power to express, just, everyone does it differently, with different tools, maybe different actions. It’s cool that these days, you don’t have to be a painter to express your artistic views. There’s stuff like photoshop and Instagram that make pictures you take look artistic, giving it a unique impression. Even something as common as your local food, if taken at the right angle and lighting, would make it look food magazine worthy. A dirty corner of a room, if you use the right filters and crop it the right size, can help you express a feeling that no one else would have thought of about that petty corner.
Perhaps its the way the camera focuses on that one thing and not every other of the distractions around it. That’s perhaps how we start seeing little simple things as beautiful. Like an artist getting lost in his painting, nothing else around him, not his messy room, nor his dirty clothes, would take him away from the one beautiful feeling he feels and his aim to express it through that painting. The same with people we love. When we learn to appreciate someone, the picture is on him/her. Nothing anyone else says or no environment can make that feeling not beautiful.
The exercise book doodles above were made one afternoon at work. When I felt dry not doing things I love to do. Not having colorful markers around me, not being able to do any artsy stuff when I’m bored. I took my phone and leaned it against my exercise book to give the lines on the book a perspective. That’s when the idea came, to draw someone walking along the long road getting to where they intend to (The Cowboy and the Dog). The Boy Chasing the Heart is just another feeling I had, when I looked at the long road of lines. When it comes to the edge, it would fall. The boy risks everything to catch it, even the coming end of the road, as long as he has it, it would make him complete.
Hope you’ll appreciate anything and everything around you, for it could be beautiful if you just tilt your head a little and, imagine. Spread the love. 
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