4 Borneo Themed Murals at WOWPOD, KK

Above is the video of 4 murals we did at KK in January! Pictures below!

We were in Kota Kinabalu for two weeks in January to put some paintings into 4 rooms at Wowpod’s poshtel (posh-hotel)!

First mural was an underwater themed mural featuring the underwater life of Borneo.

This piece was inspired by my dive trip and one of Pascal Campion’s sketches. Wanted to do this design onto Eden Installation at Waterfront hotel 2 years back but that one was transformed into a floral theme. So, very happy to be able to paint this here this time.

2nd Mural is themed after pictures you could take back from Borneo.
3rd wall is a fauna theme with unique animals from Borneo. These are cuter. Meet my sunbear bud!

Finally, we have a combination of sites and feels you’ll get when visiting Borneo. Mulu, Niah, and rafflesias are some unique places and things to see when you’re here 😀

If you do visit Wowpod, don’t forget to snap a picture with your creative poses and hashtag #artsydaphy on instagram!

Check out another Sarawak themed mural we did in another hotel HERE.