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#51 KL

Hello all, pardon my disappearance, I have been out of town, in Kuala Lumpur, to be exact. I haven’t been getting enough time and space to do any drawing. Lack of time is because I’m here for work. As for space, I don’t have a proper table and chair at the hotel. Well, there is a chair and a table but barely enough space, it’s so uncomfy! Can’t do anything there. Oh how I miss drawing and creating stuff. Worse part is, I had a fever of 38.9 degrees Celsius last Thursday that I spent the entire weekend in my hotel room feeling sad, disappointed, and drowsy because of medication. *CRIES*
But I’m all better now, and happy artsy Daphy is coming back soon! Evidence is this very quick and rough sketch of Daphne in KL that I did lying on my bed (my back is now sore). Slowly building up my shopping mood too! Can’t believe Daphne hasn’t bought anything at all after more than a week here! Not happening! Shopping my last two days left in this city whenever I have the time, now that I feel better!
I miss Kuching, my little home town. I really hope to see the beach this weekend. I need a break!

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