27 June 2013, I completed my first mural painting. Done in a combination of 24 hours. It was done with free hand sketch on the wall with pencil, and painted on with Nippon Satin Glo. I have to mention here that I am truly grateful for my friend who is also the Client whom just believed in me and my abilities and totally entrusted me to go ahead with the design in her precious bedroom of her new gorgeous few million ringgit home at Imperial Residence, Kuching. I am also super grateful to my friends who encouraged me and accompanied me throughout my little adventure. To some it may just be a wall painting; to me it is a start and great boost in my artistic confidence!
It all started one day around the third week of June 2013, when Gelina messaged me and told me that she saw my drawings on Facebook and asked me if I could draw portraits on walls. I, who had never completed a painting larger than A3 size just went, “I never did, but I would love to try!!!” And she just let me do it!
I Photoshopped a few designs to test how it would look and we agreed on the one above. I too preferred this because it is a very simple design to go with her contemporary minimalistic room. Something clean and straight forward. Elegant yet demands attention.
I had a deadline though, the house warming was on 28th of June and I was determined to finish it by then. Within the week I made plans to go to her house on my off day and 2 mornings when I was off shift to complete it. I went to shop for wall paint which I had zero clues about. I did some research on various techniques to get the designs on the wall etc.
However, I finally decided to go free hand and sketched away on the wall with a pencil. Walking back and forth to make sure the proportions were right. I honestly did not know what the hell I was doing or whether I could even make it look nice or not. But something in me told me I had to try, I can do it, nothing is impossible until I give up. That determination to complete it and that faith in myself led me to quite satisfying results, I must admit. And I am 100% grateful to God because of everything he has blessed upon me.
First mural 100% completed.
Second mural 100 % completed.
I have to admit the whole process wasn’t smooth sailing. I had various bumps on the road. One was that pencil marks cannot be erased with our regular sticky rubber. I have yet to find out what works and can be erased off walls. Secondly, the second mural was totally out of proportions. The nose was too long, her face was too thin, lips too pale and hair too little. The worse part was when I had to rub off black paint just to correct her face. I used alcohol, baking soda, scrub and everything recommended on Google. In the end, I need to say that all the hard work, determination and faith paid off.
I had a great experience, and I am definitely looking forward for more to come.


Murals at 90%

I apologize for the poor pictures. I am still waiting for her room to be fully furnished till I take a better picture.

If you’re interested in getting me to wall paint, or found a legal blank wall for me to practice on, do drop me an email at hello@artsydaphy.com

Thank you so much for going through this experience with me!

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  1. Awesome painting! Hi Daphne. I found your blog by accident. I'm Winnie's sister – don't know if you remember or not. 😀

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