Löv Gallery Leaf Murals

One thing always leads to another. Since the first Marilyn Monroe Mural I did in Gelina’s house, I knew it was the start of something exciting, an addition to my adventure in exploring all sorts of arts.

Last weekend, I did  my second mural, also my first outdoor mural, for Löv Gallery. Löv, which means ‘leaf’ in German, is a new little gallery located beside Batik Boutique Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. It looks the complete opposite of new though. The management of the gallery decided to do minimal renovations to the space as it is only lent to them while it waited for a buyer. Even so, it has it’s old-building charm to it. The old blue tiled floor and cracked walls makes it quite an interesting space to exhibit art works of the locals. Check it out while you’re in Kuching!

I’ve never did any arts outdoors. The only attempt was that one time I thought I’d sketch by the beach. Ended up taking pictures and soaking up the sun instead. Anyway, I willingly took this project voluntarily as an experience, and boy was it an experience.
Here are some challenges I faced:
1. Design. The initial design was just outlines of leaves. When it was painted on the wall, I felt that it was way too plain and boring. Disappointed, I went for lunch and pondered about it. Then I walked pass this bar, Five Foot Way just around the corner, and was inspired by the drawings on the walls done by the bar’s owner himself, Marcus. I immediately knew what I had to do. I patiently filled up the little leaves around to find that it took a hell lotta patience and imagination to fill up all the patches on the entire wall. But I was in it, and it had to be finished, so on and on I went, not knowing how it’ll turn out, but believing that it’s gonna surprise me, positively, somehow.
2. Insects. Ants were crawling everywhere! There were flies too! Despite my disgust for crawling stuff (except babies), I tried my best to focus on the finished piece, and shook my legs whenever I felt the slightest touch.
3. Heat. Need not explain more!
After the weekend, my whole body was sore from climbing up and down and balancing on the ladder for hours.
However, looking at the end product, it was all worth it. It isn’t a crazy awesome design in my opinion,  but it’s something I put my heart and mind into, and it did surprise me, positively. It was actually a  really great experience. Quite fun even. After all  it’s these sort of hard but rewarding experiences that make the best memories! Now I can say, “outdoor mural? Been there, done that!” hehe.
Gotta thank all my friends, family, Löv Gallery and Batik Boutique family for the belief, love, and support. I’m blessed 🙂
Definitely more to come!