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#60 Oil Painting : My Sugar Bakes

40cm X 40cm Oil on Canvas
Behold, my first ever completed oil painting ordered by Grace for the very talented Joanne on the Grand Opening of My Sugar Bakes. My Sugar Bakes is a Designer Cake Boutique in Kuching, Sarawak. They make beautiful yummy cakes for all occasions. Look them up on Facebook!
Thoughts from my first oil painting experience:
It took me A LOT of time. This is because oil paint takes forever to dry. Had to wait day after day to put on new layers. It was a little challenging but still an awesome experience, getting lost in the colors and getting all excited about how it’ll turn out and all that. Definitely more to come!
To celebrate, I spent nearly RM200 on acrylics, clay, pens, brushes and a few more sketchbooks. Haha. Can’t wait to test out acrylics as I heard it dries a lot faster than oils.
That’s it for now, Happy Sunday! Thanks for dropping by! <3

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