Pet Dog Wall Paintings at JJ Pet Grooming House

Pet Dog Wall Paintings at JJ Pets Grooming House, Selangor.

Theme       : Pet theme
Method     : Wall paint on interior walls
Client        : JJ Pets Grooming House
Date          : 2019

Below are process pics of the pet dog wall painting in the store. The paintings feature 2 golden retrievers and a pug in a comic style drawing. The second wall painting features a sleepy bichon and poodle on a moon in a cosy fairy tale style art, both adorable pet dog options. The first image was inspired by Vieler.Photography on Instagram, he is an amazing pet photographer. Here are a few angles of the pet dog wall paintings in the pet store.

pet dog wall paintings at JJ pets shows a sleepy bichon and poodle on a moon

Do you have any pets and what are their breeds? I personally LOVE big dogs like German Shepard Dogs and Golden Retrievers. I would probably do a wall painting of my pet dog too when I have them one day lol. Would you like a pet painting on your walls? Do contact us for a consultation on the best place for your pet’s wall painting in your house.

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