Arch Thai Restaurant Neon & Art Typography Murals

Neon, art & typography mural video:

Theme      : Neon with Mural and Typography Painting
Method     : Wall Paint on Wall
Client        : The Arch Kitchen and Bar at Hartamas Mall, Kuala Lumpur
Purpose    : Decorate walls
Date          : 2019

Artsy Daphy designed the murals featuring neon lights mixed with typography paintings in this Thai restaurant based on phrases provided by the Client.

The main wall shows neon lights typography bended based on our specifications to fit with are line art mural painting.

neon light arch mixed with hand painted flower art and the typography "the Arch"

The second mural painting features a whisky-shaped neon typography that says, “Twinkle twinkle Little Star, point me to the nearest” with “Bar” as a neon light signage.

Finally, we have this slim transition wall with the text “Feeling parched, Hang out at” painted, and “The Arch” built in neon light.

Neon lights and typography art which readsy 'feeling parched? Hangout at THE ARCH"

Here are some progress photos.

hand painted flower mural art before neon lights and typography are fixed on

Below is the restaurant upon completion. We really love the elegant and chic environment of the Thai restaurant.  The murals mixed with typography, art and neon light also make it a special place for photos.

typography with neon lights at a bar saying 'twinkle twinkle little star, point me to the nearest BAR'

The interiors of The Arch fine dining Thai restaurant and bar with neon lights and typography

We went back after the restaurant was opened. Here’s the amazing entrance of the restaurant:

beautiful neon and acrylic hallway towards a thai restaurant

As usual, we will always pay a visit to our Client’s restaurants to try out their food. I must say, the Thai food here was really delicious, at a fair price point. you can also enjoy alcoholic beverages and live band at this place!

delicious Thai food from The Arch Restauarnt & Bar

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