Theme      : Single Colour
Method     : Wall Paint on Wall
Client        : The Black Jam, Saradise
Purpose    : Memory of Family Member
Date          : 2018
Reference: Old photo

Black Jam is a fusion food restaurant / cafe located in Saradise Kuching. Our role was to design a mural that would allow a portrait to blend into an art piece along a long wall. The woman we painted on the wall is Rimme Chia, a dear family member of the restaurant owners that passed in 2017. Her loving family wanted her to be part of their lovely cafe. So they’ve asked to have her painting on the wall.

[[UPDATE]] Black Jam expanded! Check out another portrait we did at the extension here (+video!!!): Black Jam Portrait Mural 2: Traditional Iban Costume

If you guys drop by the restaurant, don’t forget to hashtag #artsydaphy on Instagram and check us out too!

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