Blokke murals video above! Hope you enjoyed it! Below are some pictures finally!

We spent about a week and a half in Kuala Lumpur to finish up this mural at Blokke, Citta Mall. Absolutely love this project as it so colourful and for a company that cares for people. As you can see the murals are Lego minifigure themed because Blokke carries a Lego syllabus! Yeah, you can learn a bunch of stuff through Legos! Read more about Blokke here: //

#1 This grey wall is at the main entrance.

#2 This blue wall is at the old entrance.




#3 This one is in the restaurant itself:

#4 This Star Wars scene was a little more challenging as this huge wall was curved and dented. We took quite a lot of time to straighten out the window lines.

You can see how relieved we are for finishing everything in time.

Oh yeah, we also drew the lego brick outline on the lower half of the wall as you can see.

Which was your favourite piece?

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