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Borneo Food Parade Mural


Last December we had a chance to do a simple piece for the new 24-hour coffee shop at Saradise, Kuching – Borneo Food Parade. Here it is!


The Client wanted a piece that portray’s Kuching’s food & culture – how food brought the people of Kuching together.

The painting shows different ethnicities of Kuching interacting with each other through a binding element:  FOOD. The drawing is brought together by looking through classic window frames at the daily lives of food preparations of different ethnicities

Humans are drawn in a cartoon / comic styled drawing, mainly black and white outlines and shading with one or two highlighting colours.


A Chinese man is tugging on hand made noodles. The noodles flow out the window into the upper right window. An elderly native lady is preparing a local dish. An Indian man is serving his delicacy through the window to the table in front of the window. To add to the retro feeling, an old “kolo mee” signage and some loose bricks are added.

Empty wall. Size: 4m x 5.7m, outdoor.

Kim and I when it was done. Pictures taken by our dear friend Adrian Yao

What I always aim for when putting pieces on the wall is to allow people to interact with it.


Hope you guys enjoyed this! No video for this one because I couldn’t set my camera to get enough footage with all the workers and contractors rushing to finish up the place when we are painting. Someone’s got to watch the cameras, you know?

Btw, tell me I’m high fashion Vogue material? LOL. till next time 😀


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