Theme      : Abstract Colourful
Method     : Digital Illustration
Client        : BorneoTalk Magazine
Purpose    : Featuring Three Major Festivals of Sarawak
Date          : 2019

We are proud to appear in a few pages of this issue where our artwork are featured among other local artists and passionate businesses.

This is a very fun digital illustration for BorneoTalk Magazine’s cover.  The cover is intended to represent all the three major festivals that were happening in Sarawak in July, namely, the Rainforest Fringe Festival, Rainforest World Music Festival and Borneo Jazz Festival. Instead of using traditional colours, we wanted it to feel fresh, modern and bright. “The leaves don’t have to be green”, was a line during our discussion with the creative and energetic BorneoTalk team. We enjoyed playing with the colours and style, as well as working with the openness in creative experimentation with the Client. Looking forward to more collaborations with BorneoTalk!

Here’s Borneo Talk’s Instagram account where you can see our image on their magazine cover!

Check out another meaningful project we collaborated with for BorneoTalk: Recycled Water Bottle Installation
Also shown in this post on their site: Ditch plastic, save Earth

Did you guys attend any of the events in Sarawak? Tell us about it!

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