Calvin & Hobbes Kids Room Mural

Here’s an adorable Calvin & Hobbes kids room mural in my friend’s home.

Artsy Daphy painting Calvin & Hobbes kids room mural

Theme       : Fun Colourful Kids Mural with Calvin and Hobbes
Method     : Wall Painting
Purpose    : Decorate kid’s room
Date          : 2020

Here is the video for a summary of the post below:

Referring to a bunch of images found all over Google and Pinterest, we put together this fun mural for our friend’s baby’s room. The design is to be gender neutral and fits the child from a baby’s age till he’s older.

We proposed a soothing warm-greyish-green for the feature wall and a grey-ish cream for the other three walls because they are pleasant, soothing colours for a bedroom and not gender baised. We also sketched out the possible current and future versatility of this layout above: Where the baby cot and future bed can be placed, as well as nursing table / desk area.

Oh yeah, we also added Casper, the house owner’s dog into the Calvin & Hobbes mural to add a personal touch for the family in the kid’s room. Here are a few views of the finished piece:

Calvin & Hobbes and a puppy inside cardboard boxes flying in front of a moon

Calvin & Hobbes and a puppy inside cardboard boxes flying in front of a moon inside an empty room

The left wall is a measurement wall for the kid. Wonder if he’ll exceed that height!

a measurement wall in a kids room with a silhouette of a tree in the background

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2 Responses

  1. I noticed that you are painting straight on to the wall as if you were not having the some sort of sketches before that. Am I seeing it right? or do you actually make some sketching on the wall first before you put the paint? You get what I mean? …

    Great work there with the colours and cartoons!!!

    1. Hi!! Thank you for your comment. Yes, get it, I do a rough outline sketch on the wall first before painting. Thanks for dropping by!!

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