Chic Woman Watercolour Portrait


One day, when nothing seems to go your way,
and you get annoyed at everyone and everything,
and you loose your cool,
and you show aggression and frustration that you didn’t mean to,
and you wonder why you’re weak – unable to control your emotions,
and wonder how you got into that situation in the first place,
and wonder if you’ve done something wrong (or have you always been wrong?..)
and you wonder if people will remember this – remember your flaws(?)…

Just remember, that that doesn’t have to be you.

We’ve got a chance to be a better person in the next minute, hour or day.

So pick yourself up. Assess. Smile. Remember. Be better.

“If you have one bad day, don’t let it define you” – Natalie Portman

(Btw, the picture is not Natalie Portman)

This is a marker + water color sketch of a woman from Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia magazine. I LOVE the Prada Jacket. I changed the direction the model is looking, the jewelry and the inner shirt.

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