CityPlus FM Kuching Mural

What’s up!!!! CityPlus FM 92.5, is finally in Kuching! This radio station focuses on more business information content which is so up my alley. Only thing is I might have a bit of problem processing info because it’s a Mandarin station and my Mandarin is not that great lol. BUT, will still tune in and see what I can learn!
So we painted this on their entrance wall. They wanted something very “Sarawak” and very “Kuching City” because, well, CityPlus. So I proposed a few iconic buildings, a bit of Kuching city skyline, some nature, Mount Santubong, and highlighted everything with their logo’s colours! The bridge in the middle is a photo opportunity for guests to stand in the middle of for a photo opportunity.
Check out their hip office.. those lights!

That’s the cool fun team at CityPlus, DJs, Marketing and all. Felt like I was in a Taiwan drama when we were there. All that accurate Mandarin flying around.

Thanks for the opportunity Jean!

Fancy recording room

And here’s us. 

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