Colour Pencil Family Portrait

A Family Portrait done with Colour Pencil on A2 paper. The idea of this picture came from a low resolution image taken with a mobile phone back in 2016. Sometimes we get such requests to enhance poor quality images such as this piece we did on a canvas for a friend’s wedding:

We are happy to be able to help preserve these important memories in vibrant high quality paintings for you guys. Thanks for reading! Till the next post, hope you enjoyed this piece!

Colour Pencil Family Portrait

Colour Pencil Family Portrait up close

Watch some timelapse clips of this family portrait coloured with colour pencil in this video below. I also had it mounted and framed. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more art, vlogs and skits 🙂

The end of this video shows the sketch for the Kuching Main Bazaar mural that was later painted at the Waterfront Hotel Kuching, read about it HERE.

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