Colourful Murals at The Grass Dessert, Canaan Square

Colourful Murals at the Grass Dessert store at Canaan Square.

A young kid hanging out on a sofa in front of the Grass Dessert Colourful Murals

Theme       : Colourful abstract
Method     : Wall paint on interior wall
Client        : The Grass Kuching
Date          : 2019

The Grass Dessert are Drinks Master of Grass Jelly Since 1961 originating from Ipoh. The Sarawak branch opened at the end of 2019 in Canaan Square, Kuching.

The shop lot is huge and long so we needed to find ways to decorate the entire space with a fitting budget. So we came up with these huge and fun colour murals for the grass jelly dessert store. The first wall to be painted orange and the second wall to be painted yellow to immediately brighten up the space. We then added fun, colourful abstract patterns that represent grass and jelly desserts floating around in the mural. Looking at Pinterest so much for so long lets these abstract shapes come to us naturally. The colours chosen definitely brighten up the store, giving a fun and warm environment which makes it perfect for hanging out and photo taking with friends.

Three colourful walls at the Grass Jelly Dessert store at Canaan Square, Kuching

Pinterest worthy walls at the Grass Dessert Store, Canaan Square

Look at how beautiful the desserts look, do let us know if you’ve given their desserts a try! Check out another fun cute mural here: Calvin and Hobbes Kids Room Mural Design and Painting

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