Recycled 3D installation mural at hotel Portfolio of Malaysian Professional Artist Artsy Daphy


Ever wondered about how many plastic bottles you use and throw away everyday?

Neither did we; till the idea for this installation came about. It sure was a lot.

Hence we ‘adopted’ a few of them and gave them a new home here.

‘Eden’ is a piece that just sprang out of the word ‘green’. The design was abstracted out of the literal sense. The entire mural is made from bottles – using its various parts, colored in different shades, of well, green! We did not control or restrict the design and went along forming patterns and pasting them.

It is quite ironic that we decided to make something green out of what can the least be described as green. And that is what we want the on-looker to notice. How today natural things are slowing being replaced by artificial imitations. It is fascinating yet is never the real thing. So as you click your pictures take a few moments to think what we are doing to our environment.

We played a teeny tiny part in preventing these plastic guys from polluting the earth.

It is to us, a little more than a piece of art.

– Emm, Jan, Daph


Heads up: this is not the glue to use, it’s a sealant. We tried several kinds of glues to get the right one. We ended up using sturdy solid construction glue.

Each bottle was cut into more than 3 parts each where the main three parts we would call “heads”, “body” and “butt”.

So our conversations back then would sound weird like, “did you bring the bag of butts?”…. “We need more heads here”… “Glue the bodies there”

It took about 2 months as we had day jobs.

When they finally went on the wall :D!!!!!!!
We were still trying to figure out the spoons.
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That’s us again. From the left, me – Daphne, Janani – my buddy all the way from Chennai, and Emmeline – another talented artist-architect at Integrated Design Consultant, where we work! Check them out!

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