Feast and Furious Cafe Motorsport Legends Mural Painting

“Iconic Cafe Mural in Kuching” as featured in multiple news sources is located at Feast & Furious Cafe at Kuching, Sarawak’s City Centre.

Theme       : Black and White Line Art
Method     : Wall Paint on Exterior Wall
Client        : Feast and Furious Cafe, Kuching
Purpose    : Showcase Motorsports Themed Cafe on the Exterior
Date          : January 2016

iconic line art mural at feast and furious cafe kuching features artistic line art bikes and motorsports legends

Artsy Daphy posing with iconic line art mural at feast and furious cafe Kuching

One of the reasons why this cafe’s mural is known as “iconic” is because of it’s large scale, unique black and white style art, and smacked right in the middle of Kuching’s city centre.

The bicycle and motorbike murals make for a great photo posing opportunity at the cafe, especially for tourists who want the words, “Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo” in their pictures.

Painting process of the iconic Feast & Furious cafe mural in Kuching

Here is a picture of Artsy Daphy’s team posing with Alex, the cafe owner during 60% to completion. We used a scissor lift for one week for the top part of the mural.

Michael Schumacher in the corner. It was a minor challenge navigating the scissor lift at that corner.

Tourists taking picture with artist of iconic line art cafe mural in Kuching

While painting, we were delighted to be able to meet and chat a little with locals and tourists from around the world. While painting, we received multiple car honks as well as praises, which really kept our spirits up throughout this 2 week long painting.

taking a picture with the artist of Iconic Cafe Mural Kuching

Team Artsy Daphy on the scissor lift.

We used a skylift at one point for touchup too.

Daphne beside a Norton.

Motorsports legend portraits such as, Michael Schumacher, Valentino Rossi and Eddie Merckx were painted on the wall. It also features a few bikes such as a Vespa and Ducati to pose with.


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This mural also had an addition of a Malaysian legend: Pandalela Rinong Olympic Medal joins Feast and Furious wall

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