Gessy Tea House Cute Loch Ness Monster Mural Kuching

Here is a cute monster mural in Kuching!

cute loch ness monster mural in Gessy Tea Hosue Kuching

Theme      : Cute comic
Method     : Paint on Wall
Client        : Gessy House, Gala City, Kuching
Purpose    : Decorate cafe wall
Date          : 2019

original sketch of the cute Gessy loch ness monster Kuching

Above is the concept sketch of the cute monster mural in Kuching, and below is the actual painting.

Barney is not the only adorable purple monster on this planet! This cute loch ness monster mural is drawn drinking a cup of tea while sliding on a puddle of water down the stairs of Kuching’s new Gessy House. Gessy’s monster is drawn in a comic style with difference in colour and outline for depth. Bright colours are used to match the bright bubble gum interiors of the store.

If you guys ever drop by for tea, take a picture and tag us on Instagram and Facebook! Our team has yet to drop by after MCO. Do let me know what is your favourite food or beverage at Gessy! Check out another Tea House’s Mural that we have painted here: Oriental Tea Mural

Check out the process of another cute mural’s video here: Calvin and Hobbes Mural Design and Paint Process – where we share the whole process from planning the concept of the mural to painting it on the wall.

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