Japanese Woman Restaurant Mural at Ginza, Saradise

Featuring a Japanese Woman Restaurant Mural at Ginza Japanese Restaurant, Saradise.

digital sketch of a koi fish and japanese woman in an elegant abstract form for a restaurant

Theme      : Simple, modern and minimal
Method     : Wall Paint on Wall
Client        : Ginza Japanese Restaurant
Purpose    : Decorate VIP room walls
Date          : 2019

Above is the Conceptual Sketch of the initial mural painting on iPad Pro with Procreate App, showing  the restaurant’s V.I.P room  that features a Japanese woman and koi fish in an abstract modern style.

Abstract mix comic painting of a koi fish and Japanese woman on a restaurant wall under renovation

This is the progress painting of the Japanese woman mural on the restaurant’s wall.

Japanese Woman Mural at a Japanese Restaurant

Added some red colour onto the painting into the flowers around the woman.

Japanese Woman painting seen behind the fancy wooden V.I.P room doors of Ginza Japanese Restaurant

Here’s a picture of the painting after the interior renovation was done. Apart from the Japanese Woman mural for the restaurant, the other side of the VIP room features a koi fish swimming amongst floating flowers.

abstract two colour Japanese koi fish mural floating amongst flowers

Artsy Daphy painting a watercolour style painting of flowers on the wall

Below are the delicious food from Ginza Japanese Restaurant where they offer a wide variety of Japanese food such as sushis, sashimi, fried, cooked Japanese food and more. We recommend you call for a dinner booking as it has been quite packed most nights.

Sushi at Ginza Japanese Restaurant

Check out another wall painting here: https://artsydaphy.com/portfolio/tuition-centre-abstract-colourful-mural-at-gala-city/  and drop by our Youtube Page for more process of artwork: Youtube.com/DaphneSiaw

Read more about this renovation here:Ginza Japanese Restaurant Renovation by Alto Builders.

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