HappiNest Bird Nest Dessert Mural Gala City Kuching

Bird Nest Dessert Mural at HappiNest, Gala City.

Chinese window with cherry blossoms and birds painted at HappiNest bird nest dessert store

Theme       : Oriental Modern
Method     : Wall paint on wall
Client        : HappiNest, Gala City, Kuching
Date          : 2019

We painted a mural at the elegant new bird nest dessert store at Happinest, Gala City. The interiors of the bird nest store is clean and chic with unique little details from the floor tiles to the serving plates.

We painted these cherry blossoms popping out of an oriental window on one of the walls as instructed by the Client. The birds are added in the mural as the desserts here are from actual bird nests.

an oriental mural at the HappiNest bird nest dessert store

And here are the beautiful bird nest desserts. This one is a blueish jelly-like dessert with bird nest strips inside.

The above dessert is tau-hu-hua and two Chinese pastries served on beautiful plates. I think this is the perfect place to enjoy a luxurious high-tea, especially if you’re celebrating a birthday of someone important. Apparently bird nest are traditional health food that helps with keeping skin moisturised. Do let us know what dessert you have tried and what is your favourite! Also don’t forget to tag us if you do take a picture there, like Kelly here!

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Cherry blossom peeping out of the window with birds flying in and out at bird nest dessert store

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