Ideas: Office Craft – Paper Clip Box

(I shall keep you safe, paperclips!)
If you have a desk job involving tons of papers, you’d know how often you need these little pieces of metals. They are so small and so many that they need to be kept in a shallow box for neat storage and easy access. But it’s a hassle to have to keep opening and closing the box it came from. And if you’re like me, and find it a waste to buy a pretty new container just for them little buggers, here’s an idea on how you can store your paperclips for easy access with style, for free! 
Just open up your paperclip box, doodle whatever you like on the inside and outside of all the flaps, you can even stick post-its on it to make the little monster more interesting. Next, just stick the cover flap to your PCs monitor so the box wouldn’t close, spill, or move all around your desk. There you go, a new practical, decoration piece on your workspace. No money involved, and you just reused! 🙂
On another note, it breaks my heart to realize I updated this space only once for the past few months. Since I’m finding less time to make complete bigger pieces, I shall now post whatever little creations I come up with daily, like this Office Craft idea.
Also, there’s an exciting little project in Kuching City  that might delight many young artists and art lovers here. Super grateful to be part of it. This will be a busy week thinking of ideas to contribute to this project.
Till next time, thanks for dropping by! Will update more often, promise!

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